Monday, May 29, 2006

I've been tagged....

Colleen tagged me ages ago and I'm finally getting to goes...

Five movies you can watch over and over again:

1. Return to Me.
2. Star Wars (was that can watch or have to watch?!)
3. Life is Beautiful
4. Shrek
5. Emperor's New Groove

Five Embarrassing Songs you know all the words too
1 Actually I don't think I know any songs all the way through - but I do know a ton of song phrases that I intersperse in conversation regularly (Yes, nerdy I know)

Five Memorable Halloween Costumes
1. old man (this was the old standby when I would decide to trick or treat at the last minute
2. fancy dressed up lady (in nursery school!)
3. witch (for a few years running)
4. Noah and the ark (my friend and I were Noah and his wife with a cardboard ark -it was pretty good actually).
5. I can't think of any others...

Five Celebrities you believe may secretly be aliens (what kind of question is this?)
1. Now I know you all want me to say Tom Cruise....but give the guy a break - I have no idea what kind of an ass I'd make of myself if I had to live in the public eye all the time.
I can't think of anyone else - I'm not really down with the famous people....I do think my neighbor might be an alien....he's not famous tho.

Five occupations you could never hold
1. celebrity :)
2. Dentist

3. Surgeon
4. Military (someone's got to do it - but I couldn't hack it)
5. Any job that I would have to travel and leave my kids for

Five books you have recently read out of school
1. Bible
2. Charlie and the chocolate factory
3. Charlie and the great glass elevator
4. Superfudge (can you tell I've been reading to the kids?)
5. Canadian House and Home mag.

Five ways to perfectly spend an Afternoon

1. reading a book
2. having tea with a girlfriend while the kids are napping
3. hanging out with my husband and kids
4. gardening
5. getting a massage

Not your five favorite foods but the five that you are most likely eating
1. carrots
2. tea
3. toast or bagels
4. cheese
5. fruit

five lines you blatantley stole from a movie tv or commercial or song

what you talkin' 'bout willis (I like to substitute "Phyllis")
"did I? did I? Did I Did I did I did I do...." (hoodwinked)
ahh...there are tons of them that I say all the time...can't think of any right now tho.

five people who should respond as fast as they can
ummm....everyone I know has done this already. Christiana - because she has a new blog!



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