Wednesday, October 19, 2005

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Dora hums and sings her way through everything these days – she bikes to Noah’s school, la la la-ing her way along, pink helmet bobbing to her own little beat. Today I put on some Beethoven – and she put on her floaty white tulle skirt and did a little dance all around the room.
We went to big kid swimming lessons – you know the kind where the parents just sit in the bleachers and watch. We go with Dora’s friend Soleil – and the two of them hop around in the water and hug each other and giggle in their 3 year old girly way. And I watch them and see how this pudgy little baby has grown up before my eyes and is all long and lean and girlish. And I’m happy and a little sad. She can’t be too grown up tho – she still calls it the Pan Damn Pool.

Noah’s getting adult teeth and they’re growing in all too big and kind of bumpy and awkward and a bit yellow. He’s in that in between stage where he’s 7 ½ and between big and little. He’s in swimming too and he’s starting to flounder his way through the water in some version of swimming – surfacing every couple of seconds to gasp and wipe his face and check his progress. He looks over to wave and make sure we’re watching and we are. We give him the thumbs up and he flounders his way back.

This weekend we were at Keith’s parents house. They have about a million tiny rocks at the side of their house and everytime we went there in the summer they would give the kids a Ziploc bag to fill with pebbles to take home and put through the laundry. Yesterday Keith’s mom called to thank Noah for the present he had left her. When she put on her slippers this morning (at 3:30 am!) there were 10 pebbles in the toe.
When she thanked him for the present, he said “you’re welcome” but you could tell he didn’t know what she was talking about. So she explained about her slipper, and he said “oh that wasn’t me Grandma – I had 21 rocks.” That only leaves one culprit – and when Grandma asked to talk to Dora, she flat out refused. “I don want to talk about it” she told me when I questioned her. This morning at breakfast we were talking about our day and while her guard was down I said – hey – did you put rocks in Grandma’s slippers? And she giggled and said yes….then she got mad when she realized I had tricked her into admitting it. Little stinker.


Linda 8:30 PM  

Glad to see your blogging again. I cant wait to see you all at Christmas. Kids just grow up to fast. I wish I could have seen the look on Doras face when you tricked her too funny.

Alyssa 12:11 PM  

the look probable looked something similar to that picture down below!


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