Sunday, July 31, 2005

I've been tagged....

my friend and cousin Colleen tagged me...check her out at

10 Years Ago – I was working at Subway, friends with a nice guy named Keith and planning on sky diving in a couple of weeks with him.

5 Years Ago – Keith had just accepted a job with Sunwest Screen Graphics, I was working at Investor’s Group, Noah was in daycare and we were house hunting!

1 Year Ago - Enjoying the summer with my kids and daycare kids. Going to Folklorama with my friend Natasha who was in for a week. (incidentally, she’ll be in soon so we can do more of the same this year!)

Yesterday – Kids went to Keith’s parents house and Keith and I went to the Forks and the Goldeyes game.

Tomorrow - Having supper with good friends from church.

5 favorite snacks - fresh fruit, cereal, chocolate bars, theatre popcorn, chocolate mint biscuits
5 favorite adult drinks – gingerale, coke, real lemonade, coffee, tea.

5 bands that I know the lyrics to – Jack Johnson, Philosopher Kings; Lisa Loeb; Jon Buller; Chris Tomlin.

5 things I would do with a $100 000 000 – renovate my house and pay off mortgage. Do the same for my parents. Donate to charity. Save for kids education.

5 locations that I would visit – Ireland, East coast, Australia, Disneyworld, England

5 bad habits that I have - biting my nails, picking chapped lips, holding a grudge, talking LOUD, not picking up after myself.

5 things that I love doing – reading, talking to my kids, scrapbooking and girl nights, decorating/designing for my house, taking photos.

5 things that I would never wear – skimpy bikini, lingere as clothing, most animal prints, toe socks, white lipstick.

5 of my favorite TV shows – Ellen, Nanny 911, Amazing Race, Apprentice, Corner Gas.

5 of my favorite movies – Return to Me, Mary Poppins, Life is Beautiful, The Italian Job, Bridget Jones Diary.

5 famous people that I would like to meet – I’m not that interested in meeting anyone famous – I prefer ordinary people.

5 of my biggest joys – the Lord, my husband, my son, my daughter, my girlfriends

5 of my favorite toys – my camera, computer, current book (changes every couple days) House and Home magazine, (that’s four – that’s enough for a busy mom)

5 people to tag – YOU - if you are reading this and you haven’t been tagged yet –consider yourself IT.



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