Saturday, June 04, 2005

So close...

This morning we took Keith to the airport for his flight to Orlando. The kids and I headed to swimming lessons after that with plans to hit the mall and see Madagascar in the afternoon.
After a lunch of mac and cheese (hint: never ask your children what they want for lunch,) we headed out to pick up our tickets. We had about an hour to kill at the mall so I wandered in to Warehouse One to see if they had any men's shorts for Keith. They had 1 (one!) pair in his size so I flagged down the 12 year old employee in the store to ask if they had any other 38's in stock. "Oh, is it for your son?" she squeaked. (now just how old do you think I am to have a son in a 38" waist.) no of course I did not say that, what I said was "no," (smile sweetly) "they're for my husband...but I'll have to think about it." Then I grabbed my gyrating kids who were dancing in front of the full length mirrors and left the store.

We spent the rest of the time in the toy store and then headed to the movie...which we really enjoyed. After she surreptitiously slurped up at least 3/4 of my large coke, Dora started squirming and doing the pee dance. Noah didn't want to leave so Dora and I ran like mad to the biffy's and made it just in time. Got back, got settled, and about 5 min later Noah is squirming in an oddly familiar way. "Just hold it...I just got back from the bathroom we are not going again" I hiss. "I can't," he whines and off we go again, the three of us this time, racing down the hall to the bathrooms. He must have had to go bad because he was whipping his pants open as we ran through the bathroom doorway. We got back just in time to see people start to trickle out of the if anyone knows how Madagascar ends, please email me with the spoiler. I need some closure.

On the bright side I bought a ridiculously expensive pair of sandals feel fabulous and hopefully I'll be able to trek all over Orlando in.

Countdown to thursday...5 more sleeps.


Colleen Salter 9:04 AM  

Geoff and I went to see it on Saturday too although we thought that it was kind of lame. But I do know how it ended. I'm not sure where you left but the zebra went to get Alex but the (i wish that i had a better memory for names) bad animals attacked the zebra and were chasing him and the other two, hippo and giraffe. Alex comes in and pretends to be getting them to eat but actually saves them and scares off all of the bad animals and tells them never to come back to that side of the island. The ship is there so that they can leave and they decide to tour different places before heading back to the zoo. The kind of the I like to move it animals thanks Alex and stuff. The penguins are lying on the beach tanning and say, so should we tell them that there is no gas left? No, lets let them figure it out later. ha ha, and if I remember correctly, the end. Hope that helps. Let me know if you need any more details, otherwise have a great time in Florida!!!

Alyssa 10:52 AM  

We saw Madigascar (sp?) also and I have to agree with Colleen, it was lame. I think I was expecting Finding Nemo awsomeness and it just did not compare. You guys are going to have so much fun in Florida! Say Hi to Micky for me!

Linda 4:37 PM  

Only 3 three more sleeps You two will have such a great time Cant wait to hear how your trip was. Will be waiting for your trip blog

Darlene 2:53 PM  

Wow, today's Thursday, so I guess you're on your way! Have fun.


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