Monday, January 31, 2005

What was the best part of your day?

This weekend we went to the Museum. We got a family membership for Christmas - we've gone twice so far. It's been great - but man - it is tiring walking around there for a couple hours! On the way home we were talking about our favorite part of the museum. Noah liked the Nonsuch, Dora liked....going pee. Go figure....


Darlene 1:25 PM  

I have free tickets for our family sitting right on our desk. I have been thinking of going sometimes soon. Now I think we will take the plunge!

Darlene 1:26 PM  

Are you pregnant?

I don't know who is getting married, maybe I don't know this person...

But I do know someone from church is having a baby.

Soooo, you better tell.

Darlene 1:28 PM  

Ok, it's me again. All of a sudden after 3.5 years, I have the slight urge to have a baby again. But I am glad that I got my tubes tyed because 5 would be over the top, I just know it.

Actually I just want to be pregnant.

Lee 2:13 PM  

Dar - definately go to the museum! We had a great time...we plan on going a lot this year, since it's free and all!
The person who is engaged and prego is a cousin of Keith's...(Maczuga is Keith's mom's maiden name) but please help me spread some rumors - who is preggers at church...the latest one I know of is Jennifer that who you mean? or is there someone else? do tell!
Oh that baby urge - I know it well - wishing to feel those little knees and elbows and the little flips and rolls...but labor deters me...and morning sickness. And plans for fostering. So if we are meant to have another bio'll definately be God's timing :)


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